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Understanding the Key Role of Visual Impact

The way you look sends a very powerful message. Does your image communicate to others what you want them to believe about you?

When we meet someone our initial thoughts of them are based on their appearance. In those crucial moments upon meeting we form a "first impression" of the person, and it is usually on a subconscious level. Judgments are formed which are influenced by a person's clothing, gestures, and expressions. We evaluate them as to their attractiveness and whether we consider them friendly, equal to us socially and intellectually.

During this initial split-second contact, one of the first impressions made is based on our clothing. Some profound value judgments are made about our educational level; moral character; trustworthiness; economic level; social status, level of sophistication; and our level of success. Since such value judgments are made from this subconscious evaluation, it is important to carefully choose the way we dress to communicate what we want to have others believe about us. An attention to detail allows you to have control over your image. You can create your own effective first impression.

An effective image communicates that you are credible, efficient, trustworthy, and affable. Once you have managed your image you invite people to explore the dynamic and interesting person that you are.

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