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Meet Yvonne

Yvonne wearing her favorite color
Yvonne Henderson Decker
Founder & CEO
The Signature Image

Image Consultant, Speaker, Trainer


Yvonne Henderson Decker brings an unparalleled blend of expertise and experience to the field of image consulting. As the Founder and CEO of The Signature Image LLC, Yvonne offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to cultivate executive presence, polish professional images, and empower leaders in today’s dynamic business environment. Specializing in crafting visual, verbal, nonverbal, and digital narratives, she enables her clients to embody an aura of confidence, authority, and credibility.

A cornerstone of Yvonne's consulting practice lies in her individualized approach. She recognizes the vital role of self-assurance and alignment of one's professional image with their intrinsic values, aspirations, and objectives. In this capacity, she guides her clients towards an authentic yet influential persona in both their personal and professional interactions.

An established author, Yvonne further amplifies her impact through her written works. Her seminal book, "Developing Your Business Image," serves as a hands-on manual in workshops and seminars, offering actionable insights into professional image crafting and personal branding. Her second book, "A Woman of Beauty," aims to empower women by celebrating their unique attributes and fostering a positive self-concept.

Yvonne’s dedication to her field is exemplified not just through her consultative and authorial endeavors but also through her active involvement in professional associations. She serves as the Vice President of Membership for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Chicago West Chapter, having previously held the position of VP of Communications. Additionally, she is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Chicago Women Leaders. Her past experience includes a role on the Communication Committee as the Newsletter Editor for Women in Management.

An engaging speaker, Yvonne is available for speaking engagements at a variety of venues, including conferences, corporate events, educational institutions, and professional associations.


What clients say about Yvonne:


 Business Owner

“What a wonderful presentation!  We left inspired to really assess our perception of each other as a team.  This was great!!!!  Thank you so very much. You ROCKED it!!!!“


Sales Analyst

“Yvonne's teaching method is relative to her personal experience.  She is committed and has a genuine desire to help."


Sales Manager

“Speaker was exceptional.  The team interaction and sharing were fabulous."


Mindset Coach

"With Yvonne's expertise, I was able to understand what colors and fabrics, as well as styles of clothing that, truly represent me on the inside while bringing out the best of me on the outside. I didn't know I was choosing colors that did not compliment my skin tone. Now that I understand better, I am choosing the right clothes. All people can say to me is how stunning I look.  I feel like I am truly expressing whom I have always known I am deep down inside. My confidence has gone up. I show up to my presentations, meetings, videos, and classes feeling like the top professional that I am and continue to grow into. My skincare, makeup, and hair game have also improved due to working with Yvonne. I am truly grateful!  


This has saved me a ton of time. I now know exactly which clothes to invest in and where I can get the greatest return in use and various looks. Thank you, Yvonne!"

What participants are saying about the Developing Your Business Image seminar:


Administrative Manager

Yvonne enabled me to increase my confidence and was diligent and caring in her efforts to help me create my own signature style.​

Mary Alice

Sales Professional

“Yvonne's approach to image consulting sought to accentuate and enhance my own natural attributes."​


Project Manager​

One of the strengths of the seminar was the teaching and facilitation by the instructor.


Marketing Manager

Communication behaviors distinguish professionals, first impressions critical - not just important​


 Account Executive

I can enhance my image through improving my appearance, communication, and listening style.

"Positive participant exchanges. Empowering acknowledgments between members."


Project Manager

"The exercises and visual aids were very helpful.

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