Image & Wardrobe Services

   Cost: $1,500

For Men and Women

With a rather unique instinct for what to wear and how to wear it, at The Signature Image we know what you should keep in your closet to look good no matter what. We offer a wide variety of services, all of which are personalized to fit your every unique style need. Contact us today and find how you could benefit from them too.


During the pandemic, all services will be conducted online via Zoom.

Personal Inventory 

Conduct client’s image-management needs assessment

Figure/Body Analysis

Defines the client’s body type and includes solutions for common figure challenges

Face Shape Analysis

Defines face shape and proportions

Personal Style Assessment 

Determines the client’s personal style of clothing. 

Color Analysis

Determine the client’s best color palette.

Closet Assessment

Based on the above analyses and assessments, a closet audit will be conducted to determine which clothing items do not meet style objectives and should be eliminated. Items meeting objectives are incorporated into a new foundation wardrobe. A list of future items is compiled to complete wardrobe needs.

Shopping Recommendations 

Three-hour Personal Shopping Appointment (in-person or online). New pieces are purchased to reflect the client’s signature style. New pieces are - based on budget objectives.