About Us

The Signature Image is an image management and business practices consulting firm. We help individuals create their own personalized image.  We work with all levels of associates to develop an image that is consistent with the organization's identity.


Why image training in the corporate arena?

Corporations have long recognized the value of public relations in presenting a particular identity to the outside world. Image training is the logical next step because it cultivates within your associates an identity consistent with your company's mission, style, and philosophy. Put another way, image training "makes the messenger match the message." After all, how your people are perceived in the marketplace is vital to the success of your business. A polished and poised image powerfully communicates credibility, efficiency, and trustworthiness.


Training is conducted through group and individual coaching.



Includes Lifestyle Assessment, Personal Style Assessment, Figure/Body Analysis, Facial Shape, Color Analysis, Closet Assessment, and Personal Shopping Plan. Clients receive an Image Portfolio containing all analyses and assessments, image recommendations, color analysis swatches, and shopping plans.

Business Behaviors


Individuals are also coached in Interpersonal 

Courtesy of the London Image Institute