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The Signature Image LLC is an image management and business practice consulting firm, helping individuals and companies create a powerful and professional image. We specialize in helping our clients craft their own personal and professional brands, ensuring confidence and success in all aspects of their lives.


Why image training in the corporate arena?

Corporations have long recognized the value of public relations in presenting a particular brand identity to the outside world. Image training can be a valuable investment for your company because it helps align your employees' identity with your company's mission, style, and philosophy.

The Signature Image provides expert image consulting services to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who need to stay competitive in the fast-paced corporate arena. Our training focuses on developing critical visual, verbal, nonverbal, and digital communication skills, allowing clients to project confidence, authority, and trustworthiness in the workplace.

Image training in the corporate arena is also important because it helps employees understand the importance of projecting a professional image in the workplace. This includes dressing appropriately, maintaining good hygiene, and exhibiting positive body language. By improving their image, employees can build better relationships with colleagues and clients, increase their confidence, and ultimately enhance their professional success.


Training is conducted through group and individual coaching.



Includes Lifestyle Assessment, Personal Style Assessment, Figure/Body Analysis, Facial Shape, Color Analysis, Closet Assessment, and Personal Shopping Plan. Clients receive an Image Portfolio containing all analyses and assessments, image recommendations, color analysis swatches, and shopping plans.

Business Behaviors

Behavior is an essential factor in the management of your personal and professional image. Negative behaviors have an adverse effect on your career advancement. We help individuals effectively create behaviors that align with their goals as well as those of your business or organization.


It is important to understand that communication is both verbal and non-verbal. We train you on your verbal skills, vocal impact, body language, and listening.

Training/coaching is customized to address the individual's needs.

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