First Impressions Matter​!

When we meet someone our initial thoughts of them are based on their appearance.  In those crucial moments upon meeting we form a "first impression" of the person on a subconscious level.  Judgments are formed which are influenced by a person's clothing, gestures, and expressions.


During this initial split-second contact, we make some profound value judgments about a person's educational level; moral character; trustworthiness; economic level; social status, and level of success.

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About Us

The Signature Image is an image management and business practices consulting firm. 

We help executives transitioning into leadership roles, align themselves for a seat at the table where they can be heard, be taken seriously, and get the respect they deserve in the workplace. I teach my clients how to show up powerfully, communicate effectively, and understand the hidden business code so they can achieve their next level of success.

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